2022 Proposal Ideas

2022 Proposal Ideas

This year, we know a lot of couples are planning on taking the next step and getting engaged! Engagement is a very exciting step in your relationship, so it’s natural for you to want it to be memorable! Planning your proposal can feel like a lot of pressure, so we’re giving you a few ideas to inspire you.  



An easy way to make sure your proposal feels special is to travel! You can take a short weekend trip, or a longer one depending on what works for you. This makes the proposal extremely memorable, and it makes a perfect spot to return to—you can come back on anniversaries down the line, and it’ll always be a special location for the two of you. 

Propose at Home


This may not sound as exciting as taking a trip to propose, but you can make a proposal at home the most meaningful, special memory. Set up something cute—flowers, candles, whatever suits you and your partner best—and surprise them when they come home. Cooking dinner or having friends over after can make the entire night feel like a celebration, and it’ll make your home that much more meaningful for the two of you. 

At Your Favorite Local Spot


Is there a spot in town that you and your partner love? Maybe it’s where you met, or a walk you like to take together, or perhaps it’s simply your favorite local coffee shop—no matter where that is, if you want your proposal to be easygoing but still meaningful, this is a perfect way to surprise your partner!