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Jul 28, 2016

Planning a wedding can be such an exciting time, but it can also be a little overwhelming. If you need some help getting started, a round of encouragement to keep you going, or just a big dose of inspiration to keep you rolling check out some of our favourite UK wedding bloggers. These ladies are in turn funny, insightful and always inspiring. Check out their blogs and let these wonderful ladies guide you, inspire you and encourage you as you create the wedding of your dreams it's closer than you think! [one_fifth]Boho Weddings blog[/one_fifth][four_fifth_last]

Boho Weddings (

Since it began in 2009, Boho Weddings has focused on everything Boho from luxe to rustic and modern to vintage creator Kelly Hood an award-winning wedding planner and wedding blogger has inspired boho brides all over the UK to create the wedding they want, that truly reflects their personality. Her inspiring motto create the wedding you want, not the wedding youre told to have says it all![/four_fifth_last] [one_fifth]B.loved blog[/one_fifth][four_fifth_last]

B.Loved (

Creator Louise of B.Loved tells us she has always been a creative soul and her creativity, passion and love shine through on every luxe page of B.Loved. Of course, her love of not just weddings but also interiors, fashion, travel, family and beauty inspires us in all every facet of our lives![/four_fifth_last] [one_fifth]Whimsical blog[/one_fifth][four_fifth_last]

Whimsical Wonderland Weddings (

True to its name, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings features plenty of whimsical inspiration. Lous creative style, sweet musings and eclectic inspirations not to mention practical advice, keep us coming back for more. She has a great collection of interviews, bride diaries and fun DIYs to inspire you and provide answers to questions you didnt even know you had![/four_fifth_last] [one_fifth]NuBride blog[/one_fifth][four_fifth_last]

NuBride (

Like many wedding blogs, Nu Bride started with founder Novas own engagement in 2012, but has grown into so much more. It is a great resource, full of encouragement and inspiration for brides and women. With Novas honest and personable writing and focus on diversity, it is no wonder NuBride is such a well-respected and award winning wedding planning resource![/four_fifth_last] [one_fifth]Plans and Presents blog[/one_fifth][four_fifth_last]

Plans and Presents (

Alison Tinlin (aka MrsPandP) is the brilliant mind behind Glasgow based Plans and Presents. Her eclectic style has something to offer just about everyone. Her attention to detail, creative ideas and helpful advice will astound, amaze and inspire you to create your perfect wedding while staying true to your style.[/four_fifth_last] [one_fifth]London Bride blog[/one_fifth][four_fifth_last]

London Bride (

Charleys love of all things weddings shines through on her elegant and charming blog that is filled with personality. No matter what your style, London Bride has you covered with helpful DIYs, dress and picture inspiration galore and plenty of real weddings to drool over.[/four_fifth_last] [one_fifth]Love My Dress blog[/one_fifth][four_fifth_last]

Love My Dress (

Annabel is a ray of sunshine her warmth, love of love and enveloping writing style will give you all the feels while her pictures and inspiration boards will truly give you something to aspire to. Not sure where to start? Her Little Book for Brides will get you in touch with everyone you need to know to make your day special and her numerous tutorials give you a fountain of ideas.[/four_fifth_last] [one_fifth]Rock n Roll Bride blog[/one_fifth][four_fifth_last]

Rock n Roll Bride (

Looking for something a little more out of the ordinary? Rock n Roll Bride is the place for you! Creator Kat celebrates the uniqueness in us all, giving her upbeat and genuine voice to the blog and providing a haven of kick-ass weddingness to those who want their wedding to be a reflection of themselves. She is often hilarious and always inspiring.[/four_fifth_last] [one_fifth]Secret Wedding blog[/one_fifth][four_fifth_last]

Secret Wedding Blog (

Raj Dharar, founder of Secret Wedding Blog, specialises in multicultural fusion and interfaith weddings and her real weddings will delight and inspire you at every turn. Her blog will expertly navigate you through the stress that can be associated with a multi-cultural or interfaith wedding in an upbeat and clever manner.[/four_fifth_last] [one_fifth]Wedding Tattle blog[/one_fifth][four_fifth_last]

Wedding Tattle (

Daunted by the thought of how much a wedding can cost? Head over to Naomis blog, Wedding Tattle, to get all the DIY info, thrifty tips and inspiration you will need and then some for you perfect wedding without breaking the bank![/four_fifth_last] [one_fifth]The Wedding Bazaar blog[/one_fifth][four_fifth_last]

The Wedding Bazaar (

The Wedding Bazaar is relatively new to the blogging game, but creator Helen Howells has already developed a devoted following and earned high praise. After a quick peek at her site it is easy to see why her fun content, informative style and emphasis on dreamy fashion will keep you coming back for more![/four_fifth_last] [one_fifth]Wedding Sparrow blog[/one_fifth][four_fifth_last]

Wedding Sparrow (

Wedding Sparrow brings the fine art niche to the wedding blogosphere. And with their notable fine art inspiration, feature film photography and gorgeous pictures from all over the globe, it is no wonder Wedding Sparrow consistently appears on top Wedding Blog lists. As founder Sara Russell tells us Wedding Sparrow is inspired by organic, tangible, artisanal, natural and light wedding inspiration.[/four_fifth_last]

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