The most unusual wedding venues in the UK

The most unusual wedding venues in the UK

The most unusual wedding venues in the UK. Mobile Image

Aug 30, 2018

Feature Image by Andy Wardle. Whilst there are plenty of people out there who are more than happy to follow the crowd, there are also people out there who want to make sure that they stand out from it. This includes those who are getting married. There are a variety of wedding venues up and down the UK, some of which are relatively commonplace (yet still beautiful) and some that are proud to offer something a little different. So, if you are looking for wedding inspiration, then why not check out the most unusual wedding venues in the UK? You never know, you might find something deliciously different.

Dreamland MargateDreamland Margate

Want to make sure that your wedding day is a whole lot of fun? If this is true for you, then you may want to take a look at Dreamland Margate, a wedding venue whereby you can have all the fun of the fair. Dreamland is not only a fantastically odd wedding venue, but it can also cater for particularly big weddings, even those up to 800 guests. Visit website

The Station KitchenStation Kitchen in Dorset

For those who love the idea of a traditional or more old-fashioned wedding, the Station Kitchen might be the ideal choice. Found in West Bay in beautiful Dorset, this wedding venue is not only entirely unusual, but it is also totally charming too. Situated in a 100 year old train carriage, the amazing food is one of the main reasons that people choose this wedding venue, as well as the amazing gin collection too! Visit website

BarnutopiaBarnutopia in Shropshire

There are more and more couples of late that are leaning towards the idea of a festival themed, boho-esque wedding day and you wont find a better festival friendly wedding venue then Barnutopia. Designed to offer the very best in glamping wedding, the setting is not only incredibly picturesque but it also offers up not only a place to have your wedding, but also for your guests to camp out in style too. Visit website

Tunnel BeachesTunnels Beaches in Devon

For some, the idea of hand-carved tunnels probably doesnt shout out wedding day, however, for others this has to be the ultimate wedding day. Tunnels Beaches in Devon is not only an amazing venue thanks to the tunnels, but it also offers a private garden that is set above a beach. This particular venue is hugely secluded and also gives you a fantastic view over the beautiful coast of Devon. Visit website

The Crypt at Bleeding Heart in LondonThe Crypt at Bleeding Heart in London

One of the biggest claims to fame of this particular wedding venue is that it has entertained a number of royals since the 16th Century and with this behind them, it is obvious that they know how to organise an amazing night. Over 600 years old, this historic wedding venue is charming and magical and more than just a little bit grand, which is the ideal setting for a memorable wedding. Visit website   These are just some of the wedding venues that offer something a little bit different for your big day. There are many amazing places that you can say I do, but wherever you choose, you will without doubt share many happy memories with your friends and loved ones that can be treasured for a lifetime to come.