Ways to warm up on your winter wedding day

Ways to warm up on your winter wedding day

Ways to warm up on your winter wedding day. Mobile Image

Nov 09, 2018

Have you taken the plunge and decided to get married in the winter months? Well, you are not alone. Winter weddings are becoming more popular and with good reason. There are so many things to look forward to with a winter wedding that we are not surprised that more couples are saying “I do” when the weather is a little on the colder side.

That said, there are some problems that bride and grooms can find with a winter wedding and one of the biggest for the bride is how to stay warm and cosy when the weather outside is less than inviting. To help you, we have put together some of the best ways to warm up on your winter wedding day, without having to worry about taking away from your overall look.


It is all too easy to forget about the power of tights when it comes to keeping warm, but they are definitely a great addition. Tights can easily be hidden underneath your wedding dress and not only will they keep you warm but if you are feeling a little different you can also choose colourful tights too.


One of the most obvious ways to warm up for a winter wedding is to layer a fluffy bolero over your wedding dress. There is something beautiful about a fluffy bolero and they really do work well with a winter wedding, you could even choose matching boleros for your bridesmaids, perhaps that co-ordinate with your colour scheme?


Now this particular idea not only helps you and the groom, but all your guests too. We know that the most common drink to offer after the ceremony is a glass of fizz, but why not help to warm up those cold bodies by choosing to supply hot chocolate as a post ceremony drink instead? You could always add a touch of baileys to the grown up options if you would like to spruce them up a bit.


Who says that the coat or jacket that you wear over the top of your wedding dress has to be the usual style that you would see on a bride? Some brides love nothing more than being a little unique in their style, if you are one of these ladies and you want to keep warm and stand out on your wedding day then why not choose a leather jacket to wear over your wedding dress? It is easy to remove if you want to, but we can promise you that you are going to love the way it will look, as well as how warm you will be.

As you can see, despite the weather being less than warm and inviting outside, you can still stay warm and cosy on your wedding day. As well as looking beautiful and feeling like a princess too!