Wedding colour themes for bridesmaid dresses in Spring 2018

Wedding colour themes for bridesmaid dresses in Spring 2018

Wedding colour themes for bridesmaid dresses in Spring 2018. Mobile Image

Oct 17, 2017

When it comes to planning your wedding day you need to make sure that you leave yourself plenty of time. However, this isn’t always the case, and some decisions need to be made relatively last minute. This is particularly true for bridesmaid’s dresses.

Whilst you may have picked out your wedding dress some time ago, you may want to leave your bridesmaid dresses until a bit closer to the time, to make sure that they all fit and look perfect.

If you are getting married in the Spring of 2018, then there is a good chance that you will already be thinking about the bridesmaid dresses to buy. So, why not take a look at our top colour themes for Spring 2018 to see if we can inspire you?


When it comes to Spring, one of the first colours that comes to mind is green. However, green isn’t always the easiest colour to work into a wedding. Rather than making your bridesmaids rock the lime green look, why not treat them to a spot of sage? Not only is this colour soft enough to work with a number of other shades, but it is also deliciously fresh too!


If your idea of the perfect wedding colour scheme is a touch of feminine charm then blush is definitely the shade for you. Gentle and pretty, bridesmaids look absolutely stunning in this beautiful shade. Best of all, it is known to suit a range of skin and hair colours, which is ideal if your bridesmaids are a varied bunch.


Not only is Spring the ideal time to choose gentle shades, but it is also ideal for those brides who like to make things a little brighter. One particular colour that we really love the idea of for a Spring wedding has to be Aqua. Bold and bright, this shade is going to look beautiful on your big day and will work perfectly with all those flowers and blooms that are starting to make an appearance.


For the ultimate in luxury and glamour there is nothing better than gold. We love the idea of using Spring as a chance to really make your wedding the most glamorous event of the year. If you are not feeling brave enough to buy gold dresses for your bridesmaids, then instead you could opt for gold shoes and accessories to bring a touch of the colour to your day!

As experts in bridesmaid dresses Canterbury, here at Teokath we have plenty of awesome wedding dresses in stock for you to choose from. Whether you are getting married next Spring, Summer or beyond, with our help you are sure to find not only the ideal colour but also style bridesmaid dress for your big day.