When to buy a wedding dress

When to buy a wedding dress

You’re engaged! Congratulations!


Once you have celebrated with endless glasses of bubbles, we recommend you visit and book your wedding venue first. It is hard to imagine yourself in your wedding dress on the day if you don’t know the setting/venue/location etc. Also, the temperature/time of year can have an effect on which dress you pick.


Once your venue is booked, it’s time for the wedding dress! (Which is the best part of the planning, right?)  We suggest you take some time to research online to see what you are attracted to. Some brides will be interested in certain styles or designers and some will be very open. It can be quite confusing knowing where to begin – and it can be quite overwhelming for some. The great thing about Teokath is that we stock lots of designers – which means a huge array of choices and styles. We recommend coming to visit us once the wedding date is booked, so you know when and where you will be married.


Most of our brides actually order their gown from us around one year before the wedding. This can however be done earlier or later – we do however like to have at least 8 months. This is to allow time for your dress to be made and sent to us and then a couple of months for alterations.


We have even managed to get dresses in less than a week before, however even though this is not recommended – (and can cause lots of stress!), here at Teokath of London we always try the very best that we can to make our brides happy.


If you are looking with over 2 years until your big day, please be aware it is advised to purchase if you find your dream dress. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the dress will still be available if you wait.


Ready to find your perfect wedding dress? Book an appointment at Teokath of London and let us help you find the perfect wedding dress. 


Happy shopping! We look forward to seeing you very soon



Boutique Manager